Georgetown Brewing

Georgetown Brewing Company is the maker of Manny’s Pale Ale. Although they make other outstanding beers, Manny’s is the flagship of this outstanding brewery located in the heart of Seattle’s Georgetown district. When Roger Bailous and Manny Chao quit their day jobs nearly 10 years ago and decided to make beer, they focused on brewing one darn tasty beer, hoping that everything else would fall into place. The old axiom “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” was wasted on the two friends. The plan to focus on one singular product paid off and Manny’s Pale Ale became widely popular and widely available around the Seattle area (draft only, not bottles).

Today Georgetown Brewing creates a number different beers, including Lucille IPA, Georgetown Porter, Roger’s Pilsner and others. Standing on the shoulders of Manny’s Pale Ale, the beers are all outstanding. Or, as they’d say at Georgetown Brewing, “Darn tasty.”

For Craft:Beer+Food 2o12, Georgetown Brewing is teaming up with Ray’s Boathouse, Cafe and Catering to create an outstanding beer and food pairing.

Georgetown Brewing
5200 Denver Ave S
Seattle, Washington 98108